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This website

is dedicated to

the writer Franz Fühmann

(January 15, 1922 in Rochlitz/Jizera Mountains, Czechoslovakia – July 8, 1984 in East Berlin).

His life and work reflect the upheavals of the 20th century in unparalleled fashion.

For the details of his life, see Biography.

The ®Franz Fühmann Freundeskreis, or Friends of Franz Fühmann (contact: paul.alfred.kleinert⸢at⸣ is devoted to Franz Fühmann’s work and actively promotes public awareness of his oeuvre.

The greater part of Franz Fühmann’s literary estate is held by the Berlin Academy of the Arts (managed by the archivist Bettina Köhler), while his working library and a smaller portion of his estate can be found in the Historical Collections of the Central and Regional Library Berlin (managed by Volker Scharnefsky, ). Fühmann’s work is published by Hinstorff Verlag in Rostock (edited by Thomas Gallien,

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